My long-term research goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the discovery, integration, and processing of scientific data and results. Towards this goal, I have focused on the realization and application of cyberinfrastructure using Semantic Web technologies.

I am leading the iLink Research Group at the Cyber-ShARE Center of Excellence at UTEP.

I was part of the Dumontier Lab - Semantic Web Group working under the supervision of Dr. Michel Dumontier. I have previously worked in the areas of Evolutionary Computation, Data Mining and other related AI areas.

Selected Publications

Journal papers

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Refereed conference/workshop papers

  • N. Del Rio, N. Villanueva-Rosales, D. Pennington, K. Benedict, A.Stewart, C.J. Grady. "ELSEWeb meets SADI: Supporting Data-to-Model Integration for Biodiversity Forecasting" 2013. AAAI Fall Symposium on Discovery Informatics. Accepted.
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